News | May 23, 2019

BuyerQuest Ramps Up P2P Efficiency With ‘Speed To Payment'

BuyerQuest, the global leader in Procure-to-Pay solutions, with the world-renowned “Speed to Selection” capabilities providing the most efficient requisitioning capability in the market, is pleased to introduce their “Speed to Payment” program. Speed to Payment combines a multitude of ways for suppliers to submit invoices with an AI-based matching capability to validate and process invoices, making them ready for payment.

In its latest release, BuyerQuest is providing ‘one-click invoice creation’, allowing suppliers to create an invoice directly from a Purchase Order email. This extends the myriad options already available to suppliers to create invoices, including e-invoicing, PDF attachment via email, and paper-based.

Within the BuyerQuest Platform, the client Accounts Payable teams also have access to the recently extended AP Dashboard, which allows them to manage their Payables-related risk through reports that display their invoice status progression, along with their current supplier liabilities and accruals.

Kyle Muskoff, Vice President of Product, states, “With this latest release, our clients’ Accounts Payables teams are seeing a transition from activities surrounding invoice ingestion to focusing their efforts on more strategic activities, such as taking advantage of supply chain financing. Suppliers are also seeing improvements by being able to submit their invoices with greater ease and efficiency, and accessing the benefits of early payment.”

BuyerQuest continues to lead the Procure-to-Pay space with innovative designs due to their strong relationships with their clients. Take the first step in joining our BuyerQuest Community by dropping us a note at

SOURCE: BuyerQuest