News | June 3, 2020

CobbleStone Continues Contract Management Software Excellence With Contract Insight® 17.6.0

CobbleStone Software announces the release of Contract Insight Enterprise 17.6.0. This release brings forth numerous new and improved feature offerings to enhance the leading contract management, vendor management, procurement, and sourcing platform!

Princeton, NJ (PRWEB) - CobbleStone Software, a leader in contract management, sourcing, and eProcurement software, announces the release of Contract Insight Enterprise 17.6.0. This release brings forth numerous new and improved feature offerings to enhance the leading contract management, vendor management, procurement, and sourcing platform!

Contract Insight 17.6.0 can help organizations with the tools needed to meet contract management, sourcing, and procurement goals.

New Features and Enhancements Available with Contract Insight® 17.6.0:

  • Intelligent, Automated Document Template Merging: Provides a workflow-initiated, automated document creation and contract writing process that significantly streamlines the contract lifecycle.
  • Quick Search - Intelligent Search Recommendations: Allows users to eliminate tedious search term re-entry of intended searches with the help of search suggestions and alternate recommendations for frequently misspelled words or phrases.
  • CobbleStone MS Outlook Plug-in: Provides key contract management software features and tools easily and conveniently - straight from the desktop MS Outlook email interface.
  • Intelligent OFAC Integration - Vendor Risk Analysis at a Glance: Improves visibility with customer, vendor, partner, and employee OFAC compliance and risk analysis.
  • Workflow Task Management Improvements: Provides greater control and flexibility over an organization’s workflow with configurable task and status options.
  • Enhanced Drag and Drop Record Creation: Allows users to Initiate and manage documents for record creation on their time with expanded control over their AI-based process, with Contract Insight’s drag and drop record queue.
  • Simplified Vendor Requests: A more effective request initiation process on CobbleStone’s Vendor Gateway, complete with useful notifications.
  • Easier Pricing and Sub Table Data Entry: A more streamlined and centralized contract data input process that lets users add contracts and related sub table information in one location.
  • IntelliSign - Advanced Document Collaboration & E-Signatures: Allows organizations to easily add external signers, employee signers, and company contacts to a signing process from a list, reducing data entry errors and providing a more efficient and accurate collaboration and contract approval process. Other features include the ability to set up a secure pin to enter the signing portal and a more responsive and user-friendly mobile interface.
  • Consolidated Bid Responses and Evaluation: Provides a consolidated and unified survey process for potential vendors and allows organizations to receive a consistent set of RFP responses more tailored to their preferences.
  • Dutch Auction-Style E-Sourcing: Expand bid process options with CobbleStone’s Dutch auction-style E-Sourcing.

“CobbleStone is excited to introduce the latest advancements to our celebrated source-to-contract software platform with Contract Insight Enterprise 17.6.0. We are honored to continue leading the industry by equipping our loyal users with a fully-integrated software suite to support their contract management, procurement, sourcing, purchasing, and vendor management needs.” – Bradford Jones, Director of Sales & Marketing at CobbleStone Software

Get started with CobbleStone’s Contract Insight Enterprise 17.6.0 today to utilize the innovative tools and features CobbleStone has pioneered for successful contract management, eProcurement, and vendor oversight!

CobbleStone Software has been a celebrated leader in enterprise contract management, vendor management, and eSourcing software solutions for over 20 years and is trusted by thousands of users worldwide. CobbleStone’s source-to-contract solutions provide contract and vendor tracking, configurable email alerts, calendar notifications, contract workflow management, contract writing, contract requests, robust security options, authoring of contract templates with dynamic clauses, revenue/cost management, full text indexing and searching, vendor/client ratings, document version control, custom reports, OFAC automation, electronic signatures, smarter contracts with artificial intelligence and machine learning, contract management software training, and more.

To learn more about Contract Insight, contact the CobbleStone Team at or call 866-330-0056.

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