News | March 25, 2009

enVista Launches Entertaining Supply Chain Podcast Series Aimed At Educating Supply Chain And Business Executives

enVista, the leading enterprise cost management services provider, announced recently that it has launched a complimentary, entertaining and informative supply chain podcast series to provide valuable on-demand information for supply chain and business professionals. 'Oracle Speaks' focuses on solving true-to-life supply chain challenges through the fictitious eyes of Supply Chain Director Isaac Edwards, who seeks out and puts into practice the sage advice of his mentor, the Oracle, and other leading industry experts.

Each 15- to 20-minute podcast closely examines a current supply chain challenge in a way that is easily understood by supply chain novices and professionals alike. The Oracle is played by enVista President and CEO Jim Barnes. The professionally recorded series also regularly features guest experts to provide additional perspective.

Says Barnes, "We wanted to break down complex supply chain topics in a way that is easily understood by a wide audience, yet delve deep enough into each issue to offer real insight to professionals in the industry. enVista is pleased to offer this first supply chain podcast series of its kind for outreach and education."

For more information visit or (Search enVista, or the following categories: Technology, Business).

Series Schedule:
Order Management Life Cycle - Available Now
Join Isaac Edwards as he learns from the Oracle how a multi-channel distributor (retailer, catalogue and internet) can accomplish fulfillment from ONE Distribution Center.

Oracle Speaks with Industry Expert Jason Benner of Manhattan Associates - Available April 1
Supply Chain Director Isaac Edwards consults the Oracle and Manhattan Associates Director of Solutions Consulting Jason Benner to learn how a leading supply chain execution software firm is solving order management lifecycle issues.

Supply Chain Visibility - Available May 1
In this episode, Isaac Edwards comes to understand the importance of creating end-to-end visibility across his supply chain network - and how to go about justifying it financially.

Oracle Speaks with GT Nexus Sr. VP of Sales and Marketing Greg Johnsen - Available June 1
When Supply Chain Director Isaac Edwards wants to learn how to actually create and leverage global supply chain visibility, he turns to his mentor the Oracle, and Greg Johnsen from GT Nexus for wisdom and advice.

Additional podcasts will be available the first of each month throughout the year.

SOURCE: enVista