News | September 3, 2021

GoComet Recognized As Top Transport Management Solution For Simplifying Supply Chain Automation

Singapore /PRNewswire/ - GoComet, headquartered in Singapore, has been recognized as the 'Top Transport Management Solution (TMS) Provider in APAC 2021' by the Logistics Tech Outlook— a publication that focuses on innovative solutions in freight management, audits, fleet management, and logistics.

GoComet's end-to-end automation is a major breakthrough that has helped organizations worldwide to build supply chain resilience during the pandemic. With deep learning algorithms powered by AI & Machine Learning, the TMS SaaS platform reduces freight costs, optimizes operations, increases deal transparency and efficiencies for enterprises' freight procurement processes.

Today GoComet's platform is being used by top companies to automate shipping container tracking, procurement visibility, invoice reconciliation, and benchmarking freight bidding. GoComet has also enabled companies to get automated real-time updates on port congestion across the world.

Proudly serving 100+ customers across 35 countries, GoComet helps shippers worldwide to move cargo worth millions of dollars and save significant freight spend every month. "Technological advances in AI and machine learning have the potential to make waves across multiple sectors touched by the logistics industry, from commodities to pharmaceuticals and more. GoComet already has a proven track record of facilitating significant cost savings in supply chain management for some of the largest global corporations," said Chitransh Sahai, Chief Business Officer, GoComet.

The company's AI platform turns data sets into valuable business intelligence and helps brands to make informed decisions. "From the point, goods are manufactured to the point they are delivered to the consignee, supply chains generate massive amounts of data. GoComet's AI-powered TMS not only automates the end-to-end operations but also converts this huge volume of data into insights," notes Chitransh.

Tapping into new markets and sectors rapidly, the company has been growing exponentially in recent years. Today, GoComet is enabling 100+ global brands to build cost-effective and resilient supply chains.

About GoComet
Backed by Leo Capital, India Quotient, SGInnovate, and August One, GoComet has been revolutionizing the international logistics space by digitizing supply chains. The platform has made it possible for organizations across industries to drive double-digit cost savings in their freight procurement and create process resilience. Since its inception, the company has successfully driven savings of over $33 million, processing freight worth over $487 million.

Source: GoComet

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