News | January 15, 2020

Greenwing Technology Announces Supplier Hosted Catalog Management Service

Wilmington, DE /PRNewswire/ - Greenwing Technology announced today the launch of the Greenwing Hosted Catalog Management Service for suppliers. This industry leading technology will allow suppliers to simplify the creation and submission of e-Procurement hosted catalogs to their customers. Suppliers will save a considerable amount of time by having their hosted catalogs fully managed.

"Our hosted catalog platform connects with over 100 e-Procurement systems including Ariba, Jaggaer, Coupa and Oracle. We can help any type of supplier because of our versatility and experience with e-Procurement system," said Jeremy Friedman, Chief Operations Officer of Greenwing Technology.

Greenwing Technology's hosted catalog platform uses a master catalog feed from the supplier, combining it with pricing data for the individual customers, business rules and file formats of the respective customer.

In short, each catalog gets their own custom configuration to accommodate specific customer requests.

The platform supports all major platform formats including CIF catalogs, Excel-based catalogs, Text-Delimited catalogs and even API connections.

The value of the service is not just the creation of the file, but the re-creation. Every organization has price changes that require constant resubmission and re-creation. With Greenwing's portal, it's as easy as a "click", and the hosted catalog file will be resubmitted with the pricing updates.

Greenwing's catalog management team can deliver the file to your customer via email, encrypted link, SFTP, USB Drive, CD or uploaded directly to the customers' portal.

Once the file is submitted the catalog management team will manage the project until the file is successfully loaded by the customer to ensure pricing integrity.

"Hosted catalogs have long been a challenge for suppliers not only due to the myriad of formats, but also the amount of data assembly needed. By moving the manual process into an automated process, we can not only increase accuracy but reduce delivery time by over 75%. While buying organizations always benefit from e-Procurement and catalog management systems, suppliers are very often left with very manual processes. Our technology can help fill that gap and allow suppliers to regain that same automation," continued Jeremy Friedman.

About Greenwing Technology:
Greenwing Technology organizations develop B2B Punchout Catalogs, hosted catalogs and electronic Purchase Order/Invoicing systems to integrate with eProcurement systems from Ariba, Jaggaer, Oracle, Coupa and more. Greenwing offers much more than just software; options include the training and resources to educate your team to become an expert in e-Procurement and punchout catalogs.

Source: Greenwing Technology

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