News | December 10, 2019

Guadalupe County Joins BidNet Direct's Texas Purchasing Group

Seguin, TX (PRWEB) - Guadalupe County announced it has joined the Texas Purchasing Group and will be publishing and distributing upcoming bid opportunities on the system. BidNet’s Texas Purchasing Group connects 41 participating agencies from across Texas. The purchasing group provides vendors one online location,, to access bids from participating agencies throughout the state.

Guadalupe County will utilize the purchasing group to streamline the purchasing process, including bid management, bid distribution, and vendor relations. The Texas Purchasing Group is used to manage sourcing information and activities and provides 41 local government agencies the tools needed to have a streamlined bid process while collaborating with other local procurement professionals and registered vendors.

The Texas Purchasing Group expands an agency’s vendor pool and enhances vendor competition without increasing distribution costs. In addition to the existing vendors on the Texas Purchasing Group, all vendors looking to do business with Guadalupe County can register online: Guadalupe County invites all interested bidders to register today.

Registered vendors can access all participating agencies open bids, related documents and files, and additional addendum and award information. In addition, the Texas Purchasing Group offers a value-added service to notify vendors of new bids targeted to their industry, all addenda and advance notification of expiring term contracts.

“We are excited about becoming a part of the Texas Purchasing Group. We look forward to the community feel of the purchasing group, the shared vendor database to increase competition and the local bid library. Our vendors will now have access to not only our open bids, but hundreds of others from across the state,” stated Jeffrey Coleman, Purchasing Agent of Guadalupe County.

Vendors may register on the Texas Purchasing Group: BidNet’s vendor support team is available to answer any questions regarding the registration process or the bid system at 800-835-4603 option 2.

Other local Texas government agencies looking to switch from a manual bid process, please contact the Texas Purchasing Group for a demonstration of the no-cost sourcing solution.

About Guadalupe County:
Guadalupe County is a political subdivision of the State of Texas. The governing body of the County is the elected five-member Commissioners Court in accordance with the Texas Constitution, Article 5, §18(b). The Commissioners Court consists of, the County Judge, who is elected at large to a four-year term, and four County Commissioners, each elected to represent a precinct within the County for a four-year term. In all Texas counties, the County Judge presides over Commissioners Court meetings.

Guadalupe County, which serves an area of 715 square miles, is located approximately one hundred miles inland from the Gulf of Mexico in south central Texas and is bounded by Comal, Hays, Caldwell, Gonzales, Wilson, and Bexar Counties. The population of the County has steadily grown from 64,873 in 1990 to 131,533 in 2010, with the U.S. Census Bureau estimating the County’s current population at 155,265.

About The Texas Purchasing Group:
The Purchasing Group is a part of BidNet’s regional purchasing groups available at no cost to local government agencies throughout the country. With years of input from procurement professionals, BidNet specifically developed the bid system to fill the need for a robust bid and supplier management solution for local government agencies. BidNet runs regional purchasing groups across all 50 states that are used by over 1,300 local governments. To learn more and have your government agency gain better transparency and efficiency in purchasing, please visit

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