Quotations Module

Source: Bellwether Software Corporation
To determine the best price and terms for an order, use PMX's Requests for Quotations module
To determine the best price and terms for an order, use PMX's Requests for Quotations module. Create a Request for Quotation (RFQ) from an existing requisition, or simply enter your bid items and selected vendors. Print or fax completed Request for Quotations to selected vendors, then enter the vendors' quotes into the system as you receive them, along with discounts, terms shipping charges and lead days.

And of course, when you make the bid award, PMX automatically converts the original request for quotation and the successful vendor's bid information into a purchase order! All Purchase Order information can be reviewed and modified before launching the actual order.

Like requisitions, Request for Quotations are easily modified until they are converted to Purchase Orders. Amended Request for Quotations can also be printed or faxed directly to vendors.

A variety of bid analysis reports and inquiries simplify the selection process. Review bids online or on the printed Bid Analysis Report. PMX displays bid information for each line item, grouped by RFQ, commodity, item, vendor, buyer or date range.

RFQ status inquiry gives you up-to-the-second tracking of bids, including each vendor's bid information, the successful vendor receiving the bid and the final purchase order. Status Reports offer detailed information on all RFQs entered into the system and the P.O. they were converted to. Review data on open or closed RFQs organized by RFQ, vendor, item, commodity, buyer and date required.

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