News | August 11, 2023

SpendEdge Helped Biotech Company With Procurement

New York, NY /PRNewswire/ - SpendEdge, a global leader in procurement market intelligence space recently engaged with a biotech company for sustainable sourcing and decreasing procurement costs.

To have a successful procurement process. They wanted to be aware of pricing variations, keep track of market prices, and choose vendors with the best service quality and reasonable costs. Additionally, they sought to source sustainably.

Game-Changing Solutions:
After understanding the extent of the client's challenges, the SpendEdge team of procurement experts decided to carefully study the intricacies of each requirement carefully and create bespoke solution to suit the scope of the client's business model.

Our cost analysis enabled the client to monitor market price fluctuations and accurately predict costs. This empowered the company to negotiate better with suppliers. Through our supplier analysis, we identified vendors who aligned with the company's sustainable standards while also offering competitive pricing.

The company was successful in achieving an effective procurement process with the help of our expertise.

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About SpendEdge:
SpendEdge is a global leader in procurement market intelligence space acts as strategic partner to over 200 global procurement organizations delivering insights on category landscape, supplier identification, negotiation strategies, price benchmarking, cost modeling, sustainability practices, and more.

Over the past 2 decades, SpendEdge has worked with procurement organizations across regions, of varying sizes and belonging to several industries. They have helped their clients solve procurement problems of varying complexities. Going above and beyond, the organization heads to the best possible extent using different methodologies to deliver timely and actionable recommendations to support decision making.

Source: SpendEdge

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