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Strategies To Improve The Procurement Process: SpendEdge Releases Its Latest Article For CPOs In The Consumer Electronics Industry


SpendEdge, a leading provider of procurement market intelligence solutions, has announced the completion of their latest article on how firms in the consumer electronics industry can improve the procurement process.

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Businesses in the consumer electronics industry are extensively outsourcing services to meet changing consumer preferences. This is increasing the number of suppliers and large intermediary contract manufacturers. Complex supply chain networks with a high level of subcontracting are increasing the cost of purchasing for companies. This is the reason why businesses are adopting procurement best practices to minimize the overall spend.

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Strategies to Improve the Procurement Process

Improve spend transparency

Improving transparency in the procurement process is crucial for companies to unlock potential savings and achieve operational excellence. However, this requires the proper implementation of procurement policies. Companies must document the complete procurement process and identify potential suppliers to get the best possible terms during every purchase.

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Engage with suppliers

Onboarding potential suppliers and engaging with them is crucial for organizations procuring specialty services and performing maintenance and repair. It can help companies improve the source-to-contract process, monitor supplier performance with set KPIs, and create a win-win strategy.

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Implement six sigma methodology

Adopting a six sigma methodology can help companies in the consumer electronics industry to meet quality expectations and improve internal operations. It is an effective methodology for companies developing new products with shorter product lifecycles. It significantly reduces dollars spent on reworking defects and improves customer satisfaction.

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