News | August 9, 2023

Sttark's Success Story: Alibaba Transforms US Manufacturer's Equipment Procurement

Greenville, SC /PRNewswire/ - Sttark, a leading US custom packaging manufacturer, is delighted to share its success leveraging Alibaba to revolutionize its production processes. By working with Guangya Machinery Co., Ltd in China to procure advanced flatbed die-cutting machinery, Sttark has significantly streamlined its production process and achieved exceptional results.

Faced with extended lead times and high costs from conventional European manufacturers, Sttark turned to Alibaba for reputable Chinese manufacturers. This decision drastically expedited the process.

The cost of the LK 800 flatbed die-cutting machine from Guangya was approximately 20% of the cost of equivalent models from European manufacturers. Following its arrival in the US, it took only one week to reach Sttark's facility. The entire process from order to delivery was accomplished in an astonishing nine weeks.

Having used the machine for over two months, Sttark has seen great results. The seamless installation and setup enabled production to begin within days of delivery and be fully operational the same week. Switching from rotary die-cutting equipment to the flatbed machine has been revolutionary. With average 15-minute setup times that use only 20 sheets, this purchase has increased production speeds remarkably. The flatbed machine's throughput has proven 3-4 times faster than its predecessor. Additionally, Sttark has benefited from cost-effective dies and reduced lead times for new die orders.

Sttark recommends other US manufacturers explore Alibaba's purchasing options. The cost and lead time advantages over Western suppliers are substantial, making it an attractive option for industrial equipment procurement.

While the time difference with China's support team may seem challenging, the benefits outweigh these factors. Having a competent in-house maintenance team largely mitigates the need for overseas support.

For US Manufacturers considering Alibaba, Ryan Quinn, Director of Sttark's Custom Cartons, offers valuable advice:

"Research the manufacturer thoroughly, read their reviews, and ensure your organization has an in-house team capable of servicing the equipment. With these elements in place, Alibaba presents an excellent avenue to acquire industrial machinery. In terms of quality and value, we have been extremely satisfied with this purchase."

Sttark's commitment to innovation continues to elevate its production capabilities and customer satisfaction. Their Alibaba success story underscores the company's dedication to industry excellence. All US manufacturers can benefit from this transformative equipment procurement approach, reshaping the manufacturing efficiency landscape.

Source: Sttark

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