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T-Metrics Announces CX-2025 FedRAMP Authorized Solution Now Available In AWS Marketplace, Streamlining Government Procurements

Charlotte, NC /PRNewswire/ - T-Metrics, a leader in next-generation omnichannel contact center solutions, announces the availability of the CX-2025 FedRAMP authorized omnichannel contact center solution in AWS Marketplace, a digital catalog with thousands of software listings from independent software vendors that make it easy to find, test, buy, and deploy software that runs on Amazon Web Services (AWS). This crucial development simplifies procurement for government agencies, ensuring rapid deployment and integration. The solution was quickly adopted and procured through a reseller for federal deployment shortly after listing in AWS Marketplace, demonstrating its immediate impact.

By leveraging AWS's robust cloud infrastructure, T-Metrics offers scalability and reliability to its clients, ensuring that businesses of all sizes can benefit from its innovative solutions without the high costs associated with traditional contact centers. AWS allows T-Metrics to further strengthen its product offerings, including its flagship CX-2025 omnichannel contact center, which provides cloud flexibility, investment protection, and an improved customer experience.

Streamline Procurement with T-Metrics in AWS Marketplace:

  • Immediate Access and Ease of Integration: The T-Metrics CX-2025 is readily available for deployment via AWS Marketplace, providing a smooth and rapid integration into existing systems, with minimal downtime.
  • Simplified Billing and Procurement: By purchasing in AWS Marketplace, the procurement process is consolidated. Customers receive one simple bill for all their services, including the T-Metrics solutions, directly through their AWS Marketplace account.
  • Scalable Solutions to Meet Your Needs: With T-Metrics now available in AWS Marketplace, customers can scale their contact center capabilities as their needs evolve. The flexible pricing models offered within AWS Marketplace allow an organization to pay only for the features and capacities they use, ensuring cost-effective scalability.
  • Guaranteed Security and Compliance: The T-Metrics CX-2025 meets rigorous security and compliance standards, necessary for government and enterprise operations. Choosing our solution in AWS Marketplace assures a product that adheres to the latest security protocols and government standards, providing peace of mind about the protection of your data.

Transformative Impact on Government Agencies:
"T-Metrics has a long history of innovation in the contact center space," said Arthur Pravato, CEO of T-Metrics. "Utilizing AWS and presence in the AWS Marketplace marks a transformative step for government procurement of our secure and robust contact center solution. Within days of listing, the T-Metrics FedRAMP solution was purchased through a strategic partner for a government agency. Due to our solution's seamless integration with AWS, the deployment was flawless, enabling the team met an ambitious project schedule."

Read more about the CX-2025 on T-Metrics' AWS Marketplace page.

About T-Metrics:
Specializing in omnichannel contact center solutions, T-Metrics enhances customer interactions across digital platforms. Focused on innovation, security, and ease of use, T-Metrics is an industry leader in transforming enterprise and government communication landscapes. Learn more about T-Metrics at

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