News | May 10, 2023

The Procurement Digital Transformation Of Club Del Sole With JAGGAER

Club del Sole has selected JAGGAER as its technology partner in its procurement digitalization journey. Club del Sole is one of the leading Italian hospitality players in the world of outdoor holidays in Italy. Its distinctive feature has always been the support for growth, both in terms of new projects and constant improvement in terms of innovation, including technology.

In fact, at the beginning of 2020 the new all-round procurement digital transformation project was born with the aim of connecting the Forlì headquarters in a direct, secure and transparent way to its multiple suburbs, or the accommodation facilities of its various Italian villages.

“Our first goal was to optimize all flows between our headquarters in Forlì and each of our suburbs by implementing accurate continuous expense control and an integrated data reading capability”- comments Carlo Arminio, CFO of Club del Sole. “We found JAGGAER to be the ideal technology partner. We started from all food & beverage products with over 250 price lists and about 150 users, now we are expanding the range of action by managing Capex with the JAGGAER ONE platform”.
“We are very satisfied with the work we have developed together,” adds Matteo Ambrosioni, Account Executive at JAGGAER. “In recent months we have seen an increase in interaction with a growing number of access points and put the most solid foundations for the progressive, and natural, expansion of use to the many potentialities of the platform”.

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Club del Sole
Club del Sole is synonymous with outdoor holidays: 20 tourist villages a few steps from the sea, along the coasts of the seaside destinations symbol of the Italian summer, the most loved in Italy and in the world. Holiday villages on the beaches of the Romagna Riviera, the Ferrara beaches, the Venice Riviera, the Garda Riviera, the upper Adriatic, Marche, Abruzzo, Argentario, Maremma, Versilia, but also Rimini, Riccione, Milan Marittima, Ravenna, Lido di Spina, Jesolo, Roseto degli Abruzzi, Orbetello, Viareggio and Desenzano. And in Bologna, in the Group’s only urban holiday village.

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