News | February 7, 2018

Upgrade Telecommunication Services Cost-Effectively Through Increasing Optical Fiber Capacity By Using Double-Density CWDM SFP/SFP+ Transceivers

Los Angeles, CA and Seoul, South Korea /PRNewswire/ - Optowiz, a Korea-based optical network component manufacturing company, announced today sales agreement with the US-based Terraphotonics System Corporation (headquartered in Los Angeles, California) for the sales and distribution of its popular double-density SFP/SFP+ transceivers in the optical communication system WDM technology offering. Dr. KJ Yang, CEO of Optowiz, announced the partnership agreement with Terraphotonics's international marketing executive, Adib Sharif, to represent Optowiz's double density transceivers in the North American region.

"The high density in general or specifically double-density HD-SFP products in two wavelengths (2WL) at the 1Gbps up to 6Gbps rates have been already developed and marketed in Korea but with virtually no exposure to Americas. Our business agreement with Optowiz in high-density optical transceiver products including the newly released 10G HD-SFP+ will enable telecommunication service providers to increase their customers though doubling their fiber capacity by simply replacing their old conventional 10G 1WL SFP+ TRx with this new 10G 2WL HD-SFP+ TRx without any additional change in device or equipment on their present optical communication operations architecture. That's the beauty of these 2WL double-density SFP+s from Optowiz," according to Sharif. The 10G 2WL HD-SFP+ users could double the effective fiber cable capacity without investment of any new fiber optic cables, adds Sharif. The simple replacement of single density conventional 10G SFP+ with this new double density 10GSFP+ is all that is needed.

Facing ever-increasing demand for telecommunication and data delivery services from end users, service providers continue to upgrade their CWDM optical network infrastructure while attempting to reduce the cost of their services. Specifically, optical communication over fiber has enabled multiplexing of multiple signal transmissions together over one or paired strand of fiber by the CWDM technology, thereby increasing fiber capacity significantly. Working closely with service providers, CWDM TRx component vendors have been improving some parts of CWDM technologies that are designed to extend the use of existing investment in optical fibers by way of producing double-density or dual–density CWDM transceivers. These dual-density CWDM transceivers make possible the use of service providers' existing investment in optical fiber communication systems without any change in their operational architecture or equipment. Existing transceivers are single wavelength (1WL or single density) type, but Optowiz's new transceiver is double wavelengths (2WL or double density). Each of conventional 18 CWDM transceivers – typically 16 CWDM wavelengths/channels are used– transmits or receives signals at its standard 20nm spectrum, but Optowiz divides this 20nm space into two "band" spectrums: high-band and low-band (called 2WL SFP/SFP+) – all within the ITU-standard 20nm CWDM channel spacing. Hence, each Optowiz 2WL SFP/SFP+ is equivalent to single 1WL conventional SFP/SFP+, permitting the use of two transceivers over the single transceiver, effectively doubling the fiber capacity.

According to Yang, Optowiz's 2WL HD-SFP/SFP+ family of products offers a novel method of transmitting or receiving data on each of the 18 common CWDM channels by dividing each individual CWDM 20nm spaced channel into high-band and low-band sub-channels; namely, the 2WL double-density transceivers is designed to transmit data on one sub-band (low-band) of each CWDM wavelength while receiving the data on the other sub-band (high-band). "This 2WL double-density SFP/SFP+ product is an inexpensive way of overcoming the capacity limits of optical fiber cables at the existing CWDM deployment operations as this technology creates 36 channels out of 18 channels in the CWDM spectrum," Yang emphasized. Optowiz released already these double-density CWDM transceivers to Korea's wireless carriers with an increasing demand for the 10G SFP+ transceiver. Both Optowiz and TSC management will be present at the coming OFC2018 Show exhibit floor, the POF Pavilion booth 6317. For general product applications and spec, please contact Rachel Hwang at +82 31 708 2836 (email her at globally or Adib Sharif (email him at – for American customers.

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