Warehouse Management Module

Source: Bellwether Software Corporation
Bellwether Software Corporation
Run the Warehouse Management module as an add-on unit to the inventory module.

Local and remote users can order inventory items directly from multiple warehouse locations. Online tracking queries and status reports allow users to check the current status of their warehouse order (e.g., shipped, pending shipment, back ordered or received.) Warehouse management features include:

  • Warehouse orders can contain up to 999 inventory items and can include multiple expense accounts, project numbers, job numbers and department codes.
  • Picking tickets, packing slips and shipping labels are produced automatically.
  • Orders for out-of-stock items are automatically back ordered and filled when items are re-supplied.
  • Internal user departments or Central Receiving can record deliveries of shipments.
  • A complete set of status reports help you track open and overdue warehouse orders and to analyze order history.

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